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Agents of Shield Season 3, Episode 17 Review

Agents of Shield Season 3, Episode 17 Review

‘The Team’

This episode begins by finally delivering on its various teases throughout the season and assembling the Secret Warriors. This leads to a quick but well executed fight sequence as the new team work to save the rest of SHIELD (or the main cast at least). Every team member gets to show off their special skills, Lincoln captures Malick and everyone escapes. But then things get interesting as Malick reveals that Hive can use mind control on Inhumans, placing suspicion on Daisy’s team.

Much of the episode is an exploration of paranoia and the effect it can have on people. Suddenly old friends and new flames are not to be trusted. Daisy’s team doubt whether SHIELD is the right place for them, before they begin to turn on each other. Sadly these scenes don’t carry as much tension as they could have. Joey and Yo-Yo are characters who have barely been featured so it would have little impact if they were the traitor. As such, scenes in which their loyalty is cast into doubt aren’t that interesting. agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-17-2This all boils down to either Lincoln or Daisy as the double agent, with the show playing with the notion that it could be either one. All signs point to Lincoln but none of the spies seem to see how this is all a little too perfect. The reveal of Daisy as the traitor is a great moment; turning the show’s most established Inhuman over to the dark side is sure to put a damper on the agents. Coulson will seemingly be forced to get the Secret Warriors on SHIELD’s side in an attempt to take down Hive. 

The final moments of the episode are very strong, with Daisy pushing her powers to the limit to bring a full-scale earthquake down upon the SHIELD base. While the events that led up to it weren’t the most exciting, the final reveal places Coulson and co at a loss. How they recover should make for an interesting final arc for the season but I do wonder how they will ever overcome Hive.


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