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Agents Of Shield Season 3, Episode 13 Review

Agents Of Shield Season 3, Episode 13 Review

‘Parting Shot’

This week’s episode seems designed to sell the idea of the Bobbi and Hunter spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted, re-establishing what makes them tick and why they work as a couple. Sadly the story doesn’t quite work to make a truly captivating episode.

Starting with the pair already captured by the Russian government for a crime they claim they didn’t commit, the story flashes back and forth to establish what they were doing in Russia. This turns out to be a rather run of the mill mission, involving the team attempting to protect the Russian Prime Minister from an Inhuman assassin.

The Inhuman of the week (as let’s face it, that’s totally what is happening lately) is reasonably interesting, having the ability to control his own shadow and use it to attack his foes. Sadly the show doesn’t give him much urgency of his own, being a puppet for Anton Petrov, the Russian delegate from last week who wishes to build an Inhuman sanctuary. The Prime Minister disapproves of this idea so Petrov seeks to kill him.agents-of-shield-02The episode does have a few good but brief fight scenes, first as Bobbi and Hunter take down Russian guards in the opening, and later as Bobbi and Daisy attempt to beat back the Inhuman threat. Meanwhile Daisy is able to use her often-neglected hacker skills to somehow hack in Russian despite not knowing the alphabet let alone the language.

The scenes of Bobbi and Hunter being interrogated do give an interesting insight into their characters. Both essentially start out telling jokes before Hunter begins to crack under the idea of being killed by firing squad. The scene between them as they appear to accept their fate is quite sweet, even if their upcoming spin-off removes all fear of them being killed.

The final scene for the couple as they sit in a bar contemplating their new life before being given a spy’s farewell by their friends is quite a sweet, reasonably understated moment. Bobbi will definitely be missed on this show and May will need to step up her game to fill her badass role. Hunter has felt unnecessary to the main plot for much of his time on the show, coming across as a nuisance to SHIELD more than anything. I wonder if the two will be able to hold up their own show or if they’ll silently return to SHIELD before season 5.


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