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‘Bouncing Back’

This week’s episode is mostly focused on the introduction of new Inhuman Elena, known in the comic book world as Yo-Yo or Slingshot. Her ability to move at super-speed as far as she can get in a heartbeat before bouncing back to her original position is quite unique and makes for a cool visual. Natalia Cordova-Buckley is able to make Elena a compelling character, one that has a serious fight on her hand but seems to delight in using her powers.

Elena is using her new power to stop the corrupt police of Bogotá but the SHIELD team confuses her for a villain initially as she is stealing guns. It’s only after they capture her and Joey is able to talk to her in Spanish that they realise the police are the bad guys and side with Elena in an attempt to stop the Inhuman they are using as their weapon.

Elena’s mission isn’t something that could be neatly tied up in one episode, and I’m glad the show doesn’t have it all solved within this one installment. Although it is unlikely we’ll see more of her mission, at least she’s allowed to stay as local protector of her town, which would suffer in her absence. Daisy gifting her with a SHIELD comm watch does suggest she’ll be a member of the team if needed, with Daisy seemingly setting up an international team that will only assemble in times of need.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-11-1Meanwhile, Coulson continues his quest to take down HYDRA shifting focus to the man who was pulling Ward’s strings, Gideon Malick. Through using the machine that restored his memories after he was brought back to life, he’s able to gather some information from Strucker who is in a vegetative state. This makes for a very difficult to watch scene even if the man being tortured was working for HYDRA. They use information gained from Strucker to find some sort of HYDRA safe house, but after a brief phone call with Malick they don’t really seem to have gained much.

Malick has his ancient Inhuman parasite but for the moment he isn’t too terrifying, spending much of the episode sat watching TV while trying to regain his strength. The visual of Ward’s dead body with its concaved chest is a bit creepy but for the most part he spends much of the episode looking hungover. Hopefully next week we will get to see a little more of what makes this Inhuman so terrifying.

An early discussion with the President slightly changes the nature of SHIELD, while the ATCU are still the public face they will secretly be overseen by SHIELD who will remain in the shadows. The final scene this week introduces the man who will be the new head of the ATCU, Glenn Talbot. Talbot has had an interesting relationship with Coulson in the past, being the man who advocated SHIELD’s dismantling before begrudgingly working with them. It should be fun to see how their new relationship works with Coulson as his superior.


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