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‘Who You Really Are’

Lady Sif made a welcome return in this week’s Agents of SHIELD, injecting some much needed brevity after last week’s somewhat melancholy episode. While last week’s return acted as a sort of breather and recap in the wake of the mid season finale, ‘Who You Really Are’ upped the game, eschewing the delaying tactics and pushing the story forward by expanding on the Inhuman and Kree mythology, as well as the wider mythology of the MCU.

This week’s episode opened with Lady Sif (the always excellent Jamie Alexander) emerging from the water in Faro, Portugal with no memory of who she is, and spouting on about needing to find someone named Carter. As it transpires, Lady Sif has been sent to Earth undercover to track down a rogue Kree alien who is on the hunt for the remaining Diviners and any Inhumans that may have already been transformed by the Terrigen Mists.
agents-of-shield-who-you-really-are-02Usually in most superhero movies or TV shows, it takes the space of around one and a half montages before a character gets a handle on their powers. Skye’s struggle to come to terms with the terrifyingly destructive power that is inside her and her need to understand it has been beautifully handled thus far. Her ‘sacrifice’ towards the end of the episode was a wonderful character moment for Skye, as it showcased the heroic side within her far more powerfully than some guy scaling a roof or saving some little old lady from a runaway truck.

Chloe Bennett sells her character terrifically. It really does amaze me much Skye has evolved since the first season. She was the most annoying character when the show first started but all of a sudden she’s become one of my favourites. And now that her powers have been exposed to the rest of the team it’s going to be very interesting to see how that changes the dynamic.
agents-of-shield-who-you-really-are-01Indeed, as well as the Inhumans, it seems that SHIELD has already begun laying the seeds for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, with the divide between Fitz and the rest of the team about how to deal with Skye being a highlight.

Lady Sif’s amnesia brought a much-needed sense of fun to a mythology heavy episode. Her interactions with Coulson and May were nicely handled comic scenes, and her presence was a reminder that SHIELD exists in a vastly expansive filmic universe.

Overall ‘Who You Really Are’ was a terrific episode, well paced with its mythology and efficiently handled in terms of the various character moments. It was an episode that reminded us what SHIELD could be and what it should be. If they can stick with this consistency going forward then we’re gold.


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