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Agents of SHIELD Season 2, Episode 10 Review

Agents of SHIELD Season 2, Episode 10 Review

‘What They Become’

And there it is folks. After an inconsistent season of super highs and lows that would put most manic-depressives to shame, Agents of SHIELD delivered a truly spectacular mid-season finale. From the breathtaking opening to the final revelation, ‘What They Become’ was an action packed thrill ride that never let up for a moment. And after all the teasing and meandering, SHIELD has unveiled a brand spanking new superhero upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
agents-of-shield-what-they-become-03After a truly awkward and tense reunion, Skye’s father finally revealed her real name. All you Marvel aficionados out there will recognize that Skye, aka ‘Daisy’, is actually in fact one Daisy Johnson aka ‘Quake’. This whole time, these first ten episodes were serving as a superhero origin story. The final scenes in the temple with Skye and Raina were a pulsating and goose pimply finale, as Skye’s Earthquake powers finally unveiled themselves.

The SHIELD showrunners have also confirmed what most of us have known for months: that as well as being the superhero ‘Quake’, Skye is also Inhuman, the mythical alien race in the Marvel Universe that will be getting their own movie in 2018.

The way that Marvel has chosen to unveil its sub-human species with special powers (the term ‘Mutants’ is out of bounds, due to Fox owning the rights) has allowed SHIELD to become its own beast whilst also remaining firmly fixed within the universe forged by its cinematic cousins.
agents-of-shield-what-they-become-01It was a shame to see Tripp bite the dust, but Skye’s transformation is a riveting turning point in a show that seems to have finally found its footing. Despite this season’s many flaws, it has had a much greater focus than last season. SHIELD finally feels like its own show, expanding upon its universe whilst also breaking free of the metaphorical chains that seemed to constrict its full potential.

There were of course a few downsides to this episode. Whitehall’s death at the hands of Coulson felt strangely anticlimactic, given how much of a overarching and somewhat dark and mysterious threat he has been thus far this season. As we all know, nobody really stays dead in a comic book universe. And considering that the climax and the majority of this season’s major mystery has revolved around the hunt for this mysterious alien city, it’s a little frustrating that the city itself was never explored in greater detail than the featureless dark corridors that we were given.
agents-of-shield-what-they-become-02But, those are minor annoyances in an episode that had it all. This was an incredibly strong end to a season that has been average at best, and it was an episode that has shaken things up going forward into the rest of the season.

How will Skye and the rest of Coulson’s team deal with her powers? What will become of Ward and Agent 33? What is Bobbi up to? What in the name of Stan Lee has happened to Raina?

I know one thing for sure: March feels like one heck of a long wait.

So that’s it folks. Thank you so much for reading and checking in with me week after week and I’ll see you in March.


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