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The Bafta nominations, announced on 8th January, contained the usual combination of deserving nods and inexplicable snubs (no acting nominations for 45 Years!) but at least they recognised the brilliance on display in Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s luxurious wuxia epic, The Assassin. After picking up the directing award at Cannes last summer, it’s also up for Film Not in the English Language when the Bafta ceremony takes place on 14th February.

Ahead of its release in the UK on Friday, an additional taster has arrived online to get you in the mood for the combination of elegantly crafted fight scenes, sweeping scenery and stunningly lit interiors. Set in 8th Century China during the Tang Dynasty, it follows a female assassin sent to remove corrupt government officials, a mission that gets complicated when she displays unforgivable mercy.

The Assassin takes its time, never rushing through a world rich in detail. Now you can get used to it in advance. Just make sure you don’t miss it.

The Assassin is released in the UK on Friday 22nd January

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