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It’s not an exaggeration to say that over the past few years Marvel have turned their superhero adaptations into huge events with the drip-feeding of images, posters and of course trailers. Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t one of the best-known titles (at least not for those who don’t regularly read comic books) but the Marvel name and the small snippets we’ve been given have made the movie much anticipated. Now that the first trailer has dropped, the excitement has multiplied ten-fold.

These guys are the dictionary definition of a ragtag bunch of misfits. The trailer is a two and half minute run down of our protagonists: Drax the Destroyer, Star Lord (the human leader of the group), the assassin Gamora, Rocket – a raccoon with a speciality in vehicular theft, and Groot, a tree-like alien who provides the muscle. So we’ve got the Iron Man snark, the Captain America action and the luscious other worldly setting of Thor, but the trailer gives an entirely different tone than all the other Marvel offerings. These guys are anti-heroes but without Tony Stark’s slickness. They’re rough and ready and have been thrown together because no one else will have them. There’s not much plot revealed here but it looks like the characters are going to be the biggest draw anyway.

Guardians of the Galaxy comes to cinemas on 1st August!

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