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Leanne and her daughter-in-law Nichole have found themselves at a scary turning point in life: they’ve both decided to divorce their cheating husbands. Nichole files for divorce right away when she learns about Jake’s affair, but it’s taken over 30 years for Leanne to take a stand against Sean’s womanising ways. Leanne and Nichole are ready to reinvent themselves and move on to the next chapter of their lives, using their five-step guide to get them through this troubling time.

Ending things with Jake means Nichole has to wave goodbye to her luxurious lifestyle and outings at the country club. She underestimates how hard it’ll be to manage childcare, an apartment, her teaching job and volunteering. Although she’s all over the place, she knows this will all work out eventually. She soon meets Rocco, the owner of a tow truck company – the total opposite of her suave ex-husband. Their friendship develops into something more, but neither of them are sure how to handle their feelings.A Girls Guide to Moving OnLeanne embraces her freedom and starts teaching English as a foreign language to adults. There she meets Nikolai, a particularly eager student who seems to be interested in more than just her teaching abilities. Leanne’s journey through this painful ordeal is inspiring; she finally prioritises herself after being humiliated and insulted by her husband for so many years. However, severing ties with Sean isn’t as easy as she thinks, as his strange behaviour becomes a cause for concern. Both Leanne and Nichole make some tough decisions, having to choose between holding onto the past and looking to the future.

Not everyone will be able to relate to A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, but it includes some practical life lessons that most of us could benefit from. Leanne and Nichole learn how to love themselves, take control of their lives, give themselves a kick up the backside and dive fearlessly into the future. Instead of wasting their time being unhappy and regretting the past, they realise it’s never too late to start over.

Although the plot is predictable in places and a few of the characters are too stereotypical to connect with, the empowering messages provide a great pick-me-up (especially during these dreary winter months).


A Girl’s Guide to Moving On is published by Arrow on 10 March 2016. 

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