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a-christmas-to-rememberReleased: 2013

The cover of a book can sometimes determine whether I want to read it or not, and if I were to judge A Christmas to Remember as it sat on the shelf with a girl staring at me looking pretty in the snow, I probably wouldn’t pick it up. However, I must say that Katie Flynn’s A Christmas to Remember is a pleasure to read.

It encompasses a wide range of topics, glancing towards the serious side of subjects like the war that forced everyone to evacuate and struggle with poverty, as well as the hardship of being an orphan. It also covers typical teenage troubles like jealousy, falling out of friendships and falling into relationships. Being taken afloat by all these topics, readers are forced to understand, register and accumulate a build-up of information about the protagonist and by doing this, we get to know who she really is and a personal reader-character connection is built.

Said protagonist, Tess Williams, is not the quintessential sort of victim, she is a victim but with guts and assertiveness. Thank god for this, as I would’ve drooled over the book in boredom if it was another sob story about a weakling begging for sympathy and never speaking up. Tess, being described as a petite lady with soft features, is nicely contrasted with the way she presents and carries herself through her hard hitting dialogue. Katie Flynn is like a fairy who so magically puts forward the views of her characters by switching narrators every so often, this allows her readers to slip into the thoughts of varying individuals and it works wonderfully.

A Christmas to Remember is an easy and light-hearted read, perhaps not amusing or complicated enough to satisfy those with a thirst for a challenge though. Its simplicity is what I love it for. It helps me appreciate authors like Katie Flynn and definitely gives me a break from books that seem to comprise each sentence with a hidden message that you have to dig at and analyse to uncover an answer. We should all thank Flynn for creating the perfect book to read when you want to slouch in your pyjamas. All hail Katie Flynn!

A Christmas to Remember is released on the 9th November.


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