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Cubical Drift are now currently halfway through their Kickstarter campaign, crowd sourcing for their captivatingly unique open world voxel-based RPG, Planets3. With the introduction of many new and unique features within the game, you may still have some unanswered queries, holding you back from pledging to this cause. Worry not though, as we have answers to some of those burning questions.


How much will I be able to customise my character, will there be just one default character model or will I have the opportunity to change many aspects of my appearance?

We will deliver a simple character customisation. Players will be able to integrate their own 3D models, resulting in a large diversity of characters.

Will each of the different terrains come with simulated weather, i.e. snow in the Arctic, short heavy rainfall in the tropical forests?

Yes, it is our first and current solution. We are still thinking about a more “realistic” way to create weathers in different landscapes.

How many friends will I be able to play with in my Planet3 universe?

It’s too early to give exact numbers, but we want players to be able to play with all their friends (tens of them). What is certain is that Planets³ will not be a MMO with servers that can handle thousands of players.


Can I play the game offline or will it require me to have a continuous online connection?

We want to have an offline version of the game. But this version will be restricted. If players want to play in multi, an Internet connection will be required. We want to have “online achievement” like many others game and that will required a permanent online connection, and that is the reason the offline version will be restricted.

Will the different fighting styles and group roles be achieved through different classes or races, or just through the player’s selection of equipment and the skills they chose to learn?

There is no class or skills system in Planets³; everything will indeed depend on your equipment. Some weapons will have different functionalities and be more interesting than others.

Will the story naturally unfold after the previous quest has been achieved, or will I have to reach a certain level to progress through the story?

The first situation is the good one, as players will not have a “level”. Levels in our game depend of what items you can create and generally quests will give you access to more powerful items, allowing you to continue the adventure.

With now more details on the features available and mechanics of the game more clearly explained, it seems as though Planets3 will be one of the games to watch. If you’d like to find out any more information please visit the Planets3 Website, and if you would like to support the game, all details and rewards can be found on their Kickstarter campaign.

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