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5 US TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Month

5 US TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Month

June was a dull month TV wise, with the world under a sport induced trance as the World Cup and Wimbledon took over our tellies. July, however, more than makes up for the lack of fiction with lots of popular American shows returning for new seasons, as well as a host of brand new series premiering in the UK. So now that the big sporting events are almost over, we thought we’d take a look at not just one, but five US TV shows you should be watching this month.

What: The Mindy Project – Season Two
the-mindy-project-season-2When: Tuesdays at 9.30pm on E4

Why You Should Be Watching It: Everyone’s favourite train wreck, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, has returned to our screens for a second season of the hit comedy The Mindy Project. Opening with a stellar guest performance from James Franco, the second season continues to produce real belly laughs as it follows Mindy’s cringe-worthy work and love life. Combining sharp jokes, tons of pop-culture references and wonderfully silly characters, The Mindy Project is one of the best office-based comedies to jump across the pond in a long time.

What: The 100 – New Series

When: Mondays at 9pm on E4

Why You Should Be Watching It: Having premiered its pilot episode on Monday night, The 100 could be the fresh dystopian sci-fi show we’ve all been waiting for. Based on the book series of the same name, the series picks up 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wipes out almost all life on Earth. When 100 of the survivors are ripped from their space station and sent back to Earth in order to see if it’s habitable, chaos ensues for both the 100 and those left on the space station. The series launched with healthy viewing figures, showing people’s continued enthusiasm for post-apocalyptic dramas. The plot is exciting, the cast are promising and, if it drops the cheesy one-liners, it’s certainly a series worth following.

What: Extant – New Series

When: Premieres on Amazon Prime Instant Video from 10th July

Why You Should Be Watching It: If teen dystopia isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a more adult science-fiction series starting this week. Extant centres on an astronaut who returns home to her family after a year in space. Sounds normal? It is. What’s not normal is the inexplicable pregnancy that lands on Earth with her. If futuristic thriller/mysteries are your thing, you should definitely be watching this original series when it airs on Amazon Prime Instant. Starring Halle Berry as the mysteriously impregnated Molly Woods, Extant is executively produced by Steven Spielberg and will run for 13 episodes.

What: Hemlock Grove – Season 2

When: The whole series is available from 11th July on Netflix

Why You Should Be Watching It: From one streaming service to another, Netflix’s original series Hemlock Grove returns for a second round of terrifying thrills. Produced by horror aficionado Eli Roth, Hemlock Grove surrounds the strange happenings that take place in a fictional Pennsylvania town. If you liked the first season, you’ll love this one. Expect murder, gore and secrets galore with the ever so slightly unusual Godfrey family. As the season two character posters reveal: ‘Even demons have demons’.

What: True Blood – Season 7

When: Mondays at 9pm on FOX UK

Why You Should Be Watching It: Whilst the last couple of seasons may have strayed away from all that we originally loved about True Blood, there’ll be a lot to miss about the vampire series when it’s gone. If you’ve stayed with it over the course of six seasons, the seventh and final one is not to be missed. It’s time to see how HBO have wrapped up Sookie’s story, as we say a fond farewell to Bon Temps and all the supernatural characters that we’ve celebrated and hated since 2008.

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