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miley-cyrus-twerk2013 is nearly over and as well as celebrating all that was achieved this year, we’re hopefully leaving some of the things we saw in music behind!

– Miley Cyrus’ “twerking” is definitely one thing I would be glad to see the end of. There’s only so much foam finger dancing the world can take! Also maybe an injunction should be taken out on her scarily white tongue popping out in pictures.

– Ian Watkins from Lostprophets got 35 years in prison for pedophilia, though twitter users accidentally harassed H from Steps as he unfortunately shares the same name.

– We also witnessed the birth of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West (that poor child – is it not bad enough her dad is Kanye West?).

– On a more positive note – this year we saw The Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury proving that old rockers can still strut their stuff in jazzy sequinned suits. The world also got Daft Punk fever with the release of ‘Get Lucky’, one of the biggest selling records of the year.

– Lastly, GQ magazine managed to get One Direction fans up in arms by publishing an article which spoke of Harry Styles’ womanising ways, stating that he was ‘up all night to get lucky’. Not exactly a defining moment for the world of music but the angry reaction was genuinely amusing.

Well that’s 2013 in a nutshell, let’s hope that 2014 brings us a lot more from the world of music! Happy New Year!

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