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1945 – Brad Mackeson Review

1945 – Brad Mackeson Review

brad mackesonReleased: 2012

Take a saucepan, add a large portion of Bob Dylan, half a cup of The Beatles, a pinch of Bruce Springsteen, a smidge of Leonard Cohen, a dab of country and bring to the boil. Once simmered and slightly overcooked, serve with a huge layer of cheese and a deeply unforgettable sauce. Et voila! You have Brad Mackeson’s new album.

My main gripe is that Mackeson’s voice is very dreary and I found 1945 a real chore to get through. It’s apparently inspired by World War II, which surprised me because there honestly seems little to suggest this…apart from the title song that almost inexplicably features a Winston Churchill sample throughout.  The album just plods along and it’s really not my cup of tea. The song Feeling Like America, with its jangling banjo and Mackeson’s drawl was just a bit too much for me personally… I can only take so much fromage.

It’s all very twee and inoffensive enough and I’m sure people who like Country music or safe ballads will love it, but it really isn’t for my musical palette. None of the songs have a real ‘hook’ and it doesn’t have one ditty that you’ll find yourself singing in the shower.


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