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15 TV Episodes To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

15 TV Episodes To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

The scariest day of the year is almost upon us and the Culturefly writers have been getting in the spooky spirit by reliving the TV episodes that made them scream, laugh and cry. From old favourite Sabrina the Teenage Witch to anthology spook-fest American Horror Story, we’ve picked 15 of our favourite Halloween episodes from TV past and present.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – ‘Trick or Treat’ 
curb-your-enthusiasm-trick-or-treat‘Trick or Treat’ proves that even on a good day – a holiday – Curb Your Enthusiasm’s anti-everything Larry David is capable of the most cringe worthy acts of social singularity; ten minutes in, Larry and Cheryl are happily dishing out candy to a group of cute vampires and monsters. Larry follows that rare act of selfless generosity by refusing Halloween treats to a pair of teenagers – based on their complete lack of effort in the costume department – only to wake up to find his driveway plastered in toilet paper and unflattering graffiti spray-painted across his front door. His confounded reaction to all of this is part of a classic Curb exchange with the unsympathetic police and an even less sympathetic Cheryl.

‘Trick or Treat’ waxes in a uniquely Larry-lyrical way on the give to everyone at Halloween/do not give to anyone at all issue, the difference between ‘fashion baldness’ and alopecia, and the big question of costume merit that we all consider as we wait for (or ignore) knocks at the door. It remains one of Curb’s defining episodes – a primer on what to expect for first-time viewers. ‘Trick or Treat’ may not stand out as the purest Halloween-themed episode of all time, but one you could definitely be forgiven for watching from behind