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Released: August 2015

When Vintage Trouble exploded into the consciousness of the mainstream on Jools Holland’s Later Live… programme, the grove-infused quartet came alive as a nice breath of fresh air.

Taking a James Brown level of soul, mixed with the blues and rock ‘n’ roll, and adding a healthy dose of swagger, Vintage Trouble’s sound, and first album The Bomb Shelter Sessions was an entirely unique affair.

Indeed one of those few bands it is possible to rock out and dance to at the same time, the band has toured extensively on the festival circuit and club scene.

Now they are back with 1 Hopeful Rd, and it is clear their charming, well-dressed blues has lost none of its charm or rawness on the road.

Vocalist Ty Taylor is in raucous form on the opening Run Like The River, which segues into the gentle duo of From My Arms and Doin’ What You Were Doin’.

And by the time Angel City, California invites you to join in with its Stonesy groove, you have fallen in love with Vintage Trouble all over again.

With any luck, this band will become as tastefully vintage in 40 years time as their music suggests it should.


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