wanderlust-nick-gallantReleased: 2014

Have you ever wondered who sang on the covers featured in the early Guitar Hero games? Have you wondered what they might have got up to since the demise of that over-saturated plastic guitar phenomenon? Look no further than Wanderlust, the 2014 studio album from singer/songwriter Nick Gallant.

Considering his day job consisted of belting out rock classics for so long, the tunes on display across Wanderlust will surprise you. In a good way.

Gallant plays all manner of laid back ukulele tunes and lazy day music therapy, and it sounds great.

Imagine Jack Johnson backed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on tracks like the groove-kicking Mr Reckless or a honey-throated combination of Jason Mraz and Ben Howard on the fun-loving shout-out of Sister Pain.

There is a certain charm to Gallant and the relaxing sway of the 18 tracks on display, featuring plenty of ukuleles and some choice trumpet solos, that makes Wanderlust an easy and pleasurable listen.

When he does stray into the thoughtful musings on a life less lived, such as Gonna Make It To Rincon, the song is so short that it serves more as a teasing treat of honey on the end of a tea spoon that you never feel like you quite get to the bottom of.

Wanderlust is a fine record, and come summer time will be the soundtrack to your hazy summer nights. Indeed quite why this record was released now is something of a mystery when the songs are positively drenched in sun soaked kisses that were meant for road trips to the beach but we’ll take it nonetheless. Lovely stuff.


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