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The Veronica Mars movie has been a long time coming, with fans eagerly anticipating a continuation of some sort for the cult show ever since it was cancelled back in 2007. Having secured a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, creator Rob Thomas and co. managed to fulfil that dream by bringing all our favourite characters back (Piz included…) for a feature film.

The gang have grown up and moved on from college. Veronica (Kristen Bell) is no longer in Neptune and is now a highflying lawyer in New York. This career move may be surprising to viewers, especially knowing that if the show had been granted a fourth season we would have seen Veronica working undercover for the FBI. Yet considering the cliffhanger ending for the series involved Veronica’s pesky detective activities ruining her dad’s election chances, it is understandable to see her holding reservations about returning to PI work.

When old enemy/love Logan Echolls becomes suspect number one in a murder investigation, Veronica takes a trip back home to help his defence and, it seems, get some closure on a few high school nemeses. She sure can throw a punch.

Though clearly produced as a love letter to the television show’s fans (like Joss Whedon’s cinematic evolution of Firefly with the highly watchable Serenity), there could be a lot to enjoy about this movie even for those heading into it completely ignorant of the series as a whole. Although, this could be proven wrong if they somehow bring Lilly’s ghost into the story. Maybe best to leave that kind of complexity for a sequel (fingers crossed).

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