Robinson Waiting On CinderellaIn this era of innovative release schedules and ‘impact dates’ taking over from ‘release dates’, its increasingly difficult for new artists to get themselves heard among the thousands of new, independent releases coming out each month. You would think (and hope) that simply turning out top quality music would be enough to garner some praise for the excellent songwriter and performer Andy Robinson. But, just in case, he has come up with a new way to promote his new album ‘Willamina Machine’.

Releasing two singles simultaneously on different formats, Robinson precedes the new full length with two tracks which are contrasting but share the same DNA. ‘Superlove’ is a guitar driven, acoustic folk ditty with a soaring chorus and simple progression, while ‘Waiting on Cinderella’ is a piano pop, rhythmic piece with an upbeat bent and a jaunty melody.

What draws them together is the excellent production on the vocal – a reverb laden but clear sound that remains consistent across the songs (and throughout the album, which I’ve had a sneaky peak of – spoiler: it’s brilliant). What they also have in common is an acute attention to lyrical detail, both spinning yarns about characters and protagonists in the same mould as any great storyteller.

And that’s where Robinson stands truly alone. Not in timing of his releases or the method of promotion, but in his desire to write and tell a story. With any justice, his tales of joy and woe will continue to reach a wider audience until he reaches the level his music truly deserves.

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