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‘Schemes Of The Devil’

In this week’s penultimate episode of Resurrection, Dr. Ward finds something remarkable in Jacob and Rachael’s blood that might change the course of medicine forever. Meanwhile, Rachael’s is held captive in Gary Humphrey’s cabin.

As a result of Janine Hale’s loose lips, the whole town found out about Rachael’s miraculous pregnancy in last week’s episode. Taking matters into their own hands, Gary Humphrey and two vigilante Arcadia residents take Rachael to a cabin and tie her up. They question her about Caleb Richards’ whereabouts, believing that, like Jacob, she must have a psychic link to him. Rachael, however, doesn’t seem to know where Caleb is and begs the three men to let her go.
resurrection-schemes-of-the-devil-01When the other two find their consciences and realise that Rachael doesn’t know where Caleb is, she’s left alone with Gary, who refuses to let her go until he finds out what she is. When he takes out his knife and says, “let’s see if you bleed”, it’s not quite as chilling as it should be, but Kathleen Munroe’s face shows how out of her depth Rachael is. Her ploy to turn it around and act like an actual demon is a clever tact, one that makes Gary temporarily reconsider his actions. It’s a nice twist from episode writer Nathan Louis Jackson and is a scene that wouldn’t have been out of place on an episode of Supernatural.

Pastor Tom realises that Rachael’s missing and goes to Marty for help. When they find Gary’s truck abandoned in the church car park, they put two and two together. Fred Langston gets to Gary’s cabin first and, as a friend, tries to talk him down. Gary, however, is drunk and unhinged, and he was never going to let Rachael go without a fight, even when Marty and Tom arrive at the cabin and try to reason with him. In the end though, it’s Rachael who seals her own fate, when she turns on Gary and he accidentally shoots her in the chest. Poor Tom holds her in his arms as she dies and leaves him a second time.

Elsewhere, Dr. Ward reveals to Maggie that he believes Jacob and Rachael’s blood cells might be able to cure Leukaemia, after testing it with his own blood sample. Maggie is shocked to learn that Eric has cancer and, when he asks her to work with him in Maryland, she questions whether she should go and be at the forefront of a medical miracle or stay for the sake of her family.

Jacob, meanwhile, makes friends with a little girl at the park, who’s dressed in 1950’s clothing and shares a secret with him. When Henry and Lucille follow Jacob to the park, Jenny’s parents emerge from the woods and Jacob says that they’re like him. It’s not just Jenny and her parents who’ve been resurrected though, as people start popping up all over Arcadia, with no knowledge of how they got there, including a soldier who died in Korea and a confused man who doesn’t know what a computer is.
At the police station, calls start coming in from others who have returned from the dead, and Fred Langston rushes back home, thinking that his wife will be there. What he finds instead is Maggie, who had the same idea. With knowledge of her mother’s affair, Maggie goes to the one other place she thinks her mother would go – Sam Catlin’s house. Having not seen her mother for thirty years, this is going to be an emotional reunion.

Marty simultaneously finds a woman walking along a rural road in the dark and is shocked to see that it’s Rachael, who’s presumably been resurrected a second time. Would that make her re-resurrected? If we thought that things were confusing before, it was nothing compared to now.

Resurrection picked up its pace in this episode and gave us some much-needed action. The plot kept moving and gave us another new development, that the resurrected can be resurrected again. Does that mean that they serve a greater purpose? Could it really be the work of God after all? Like all the best mystery-dramas before it, Resurrection is in no hurry to give us any answers, and with the season finale airing next week, we’re likely to be left on one giant cliff-hanger.


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