blackberry-smoke-sessionsReleased: 2014

Blackberry Smoke have been at it a lot longer than you would think for one of the finest up-and-coming southern rock bands around. Starting back in 2000, it’s taken them 14 years to finally assert themselves on the UK radar.

Ahead of their sold out Spring tour of the UK, the Georgia-based Quintet have released Live In Session, a three track EP of songs, unsurprisingly, recorded live in session.

Stripped back bluesy arrangements featuring lots of acoustic guitar and Allman Brothers-esque piano licks are the order of the day across One Horse Town, Six Ways To Sunday and Ain’t Much Left Of Me.

Six Ways To Sunday features vocalist Charlie Starr’s best Ronnie Van Zant, Lynyrd Skynyrd impression, and a feel good country vibe of beer-drinking summer southern-ness that sums up Blackberry Smoke all round. Meanwhile Ain’t Much Left Of Me sounds like it could have been discovered down your local pub on a Friday night in a feat of discovery that could only be described as a goldmine.

It’s a gentle, rolling EP that serves as an excellent taster for the band who are proving that it’s not only Black Stone Cherry who can carve a career of Americana on this sceptred isle, and the fact that it is available for free on Amazon is a bonus. Blackberry Smoke are deserving of big things, and on the evidence of this and a sold-out tour, big things amy indeed be coming their way.


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