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The snowdrops are sprouting and the daffodils are nearly out, which can mean only one thing. It’s time to start planning your summer festival hitlist! Where best to start than the Cambridge Folk Festival? This year it has one hell of a line-up including Passenger, Joan Armatrading, John Butler Trio and Frank Turner, and that’s just a few of the big names in folk attending this year’s soiree.

Taking place from the 30th July until the 2nd August in a small village called Cherry Hinton on the outskirts of Cambridge, tickets are £150 for the weekend or if you’re lucky enough to live in Cambridge you get them for £127. They can be bought here.

Now back to the most important thing, the line-up! Hold on to your tartan shirts, comb those curly beards and dust-off your very best stomping boots and get a load of this little puppy. First off with her only UK appearance on stage for the whole of 2015 is legendary American folk singer and activist Joan Baez. Having performed for 53 years and released 30 albums she’s definitely worth a view (even if you don’t know who she is…).
cambridge-folk-festival-lineupThrow Passenger and Frank Turner into the mix and the line-up instantly becomes a bit more interesting. What about a band for those of you who want to have a good old muddy fling around? Well, it just so happens that the festival has this covered too with the magnificent Shooglenifty; think drum and bass meets folk and you have these beauties (I’ve done my fair share of mud stomping to these guys).

For those of you who are into a bit of slide guitar and an Aussie accent there is the John Butler Trio, even The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is making an appearance. The festival literally features every kind of folk music you can think of.

See the full line-up here and if you’re still not convinced watch the trailer below.

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