Following on from last week’s cliffhanger, Fitz has been taken through to Maveth by Ward with Coulson in hot pursuit. Meanwhile back on Earth, the rest of SHIELD attempt to infiltrate HYDRA’s base to recover Simmons and secure the portal for when their teammates return.

Will is reintroduced quite early on, after Fitz discovers his hiding spot, keeping him alive by explaining to Ward that he’d make a good guide of the planet. The interplay between Fitz and Will is quite effective, with Will even acknowledging that he understands Jemma’s attraction to Fitz.

Coulson’s first scene of the episode sees him dream of waking up next to Rosalind, with a slightly cheesy message that he should get back in the fight. It is nice to see Constance Zimmer again, however briefly, and the fact that Phil wakes up next to a skull is a nice, dark touch.

Daisy’s Inhuman team (if three people is really a team) are put to the test this week, showing off how their particular skills can be used by SHIELD. While I’m still disappointed that more of this season hasn’t been devoted to the formation of this team, particularly after it was hinted in promotional items for the season, it is nice to see some headway made with this plot. Joey works quite well as the rookie of the team, discovering new ways to use his powers and steadily growing in confidence.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-10-2Simmons is able to slip away from HYDRA and comes across Dr Garner encaged while being hunted, choosing to unleash Lash to take down the HYDRA goons. After he saves her, Lash kills all the Inhumans HYDRA had been stockpiling, proving that Dr Garner isn’t in control. Thanks to Simmons Lash is now on the loose and is sure to be a strong threat for the team going forward.

The two big fight scenes of the episode, Coulson v Ward and Fitz v ‘Will’, are both very rough, matching the harsh environment of Maveth. They aren’t the most exciting fights but at least they aren’t unnecessarily drawn out. Fitz is finally able to take down the Inhuman possessing Will by setting him on fire with a flare, in a strong visual. Coulson beats Ward but decides he needs to take him out once and for all by crushing his chest in with his robot arm, before discarding it. It’s a dark moment for Coulson, one which is sure to affect him going forward.

The reunion scene as the team return to the bus is quite sweet, with the friends celebrating a job well done while Simmons mourns the loss of Will. The final reveal that the Inhuman parasite has possessed Ward is quite chilling and presents a whole new problem for the team. Can they take down the Inhuman? My guess is they’ll need to properly put together Daisy’s team to do it and I can’t wait to see more Inhumans introduced in the weeks to come.


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